Fraher & Findlay Construction

What we do

Fraher and Findlay is an award winning, architect-led design and build company, with over 15 years experience of delivering high end architectural projects for home and business owners.

We focus passionately on the detail in every aspect of what we do, and learned long ago that great design can only be realised with a great build.
These shared beliefs are what led us to not only found an in house build team, Fraher & Findlay Construction, but also to change the way in which we work with our trusted partner contractors.

We are able to work with our Clients from start to finish and beyond, with an architect led design and build service, where design really matters.
At Fraher & Findlay, we pride ourselves on our established network of highly skilled builders in London. We prioritise a collaborative approach through a negotiated tender process, which involves engaging the contractor at an earlier stage compared to the competitive tender process. By working closely with our trusted contractors, we aim to deliver projects to the highest standards while ensuring transparency, reliability, and the avoidance of project complications. Below, we will explain how our negotiated tender process with skilled builders, ensures accurate pricing, project deliverability, and a successful outcome.

We have written an article explaining in more detail the reasons why we work exclusively in this way, Collaborating with Skilled Builders in London: A Transparent Negotiated Tender Process.
Design: Fraher & Findlay is driven by design, and led by a team of experienced and chartered Architects. We provide a passionate and sensitive approach to all our projects, by working closely with clients, planning authorities, and contractors alike. We can actively deal with challenging design briefs and projects in complex planning environments. Our goal is to uncover the full potential of your brief, and to seek the unique opportunities that exist within it. We are one of small handful of RIBA Chartered design and build companies in the country.

Build: Bringing a creative vision to life, is a creative act in its own right. We've learned to master this challenge, not only by building an extended network of trusted partners, but also by building our own internal team of crafts and tradesmen. Our construction managers therefore operate more like composers, orchestrating a familiar and experienced team of experts, and enabling that essential synergy between ideas and reality. We have a strong delivery record spanning over the past decade.

Beyond: At the beginning. Throughout. And after. When we say beyond, we mean in all respects. It's having dedicated office support that ties everything and everyone together; It's utilising the latest technologies and platforms to ensure smooth project running; it's making new technologies and platforms of our own, designed to make everything easier for you, at all stages, and in all respects.
& Beyond

Why we work this way

Traditional process
  • Miscommunication across multiple contractors
  • Countless frictions throughout the process
  • Hidden costs and unknowns
  • Many stakeholders with conflicting objectives
  • No shared team approach
  • No cost visibility until contractor involvement
Design, Build & Beyond
  • One consistent line of communication to client
  • Frictions removed
  • Greater transparency on all stages and details
  • Detail and design focused throughout
  • Shared team approach and common goal
  • Cost visibility from early stage